Ann Wright: Eyewitness to History – Israel's Attack on Gaza Flotilla

This evening I participated in a lecture at Maui Community College hosted by Maui Peace Action. The lecture was titled:

Ann Wright: Eyewitness to History – Israel’s Attack on Gaza Flotilla at Maui Community College.

I arrived at 6:30PM and opened her book on sale  DISSENT: Voices of Conscience GOVERNMENT INSIDERS SPEAK OUT AGAINST THE WAR IN IRAQ There is a foreword by Dan Ellsberg one of my personal heroes for publishing The Pentagon Papers, looked like a good read and would have purchased it if they had change for a travelers check… anyway.

Prior to attending I brushed up on the topic reading various websites here are the links:………

After listening to Ms. Wright there was a Q&A opportunity to interact and the group attending the event were extremely interested in sharing as was I. The audience was polarized in both directions and I asked to speak and share some aloha and a solution oriented strategy for the Gaza situation. I have lived in Maui, Hawaii for 25 years and am very lucky to be here. I have no idea what it would be like to be six years old and live in Gaza as a Palestinian, I believe all people deserve to live in peace. I read what Leslie H Gelb printed in the daily beast “There is a reasonable solution to this terrible dilemma: The Gazan people are in need of food and medicine, and Israel must protect itself against Gazan terrorists. President Obama should propose this simple arrangement: First, those wishing to bring humanitarian aid to Gaza agree to land aircraft, dock ships, and use land checkpoints all reasonably designated by Israel for inspection of contents. Second, Israel agrees to inspect cargoes within two to three days, and allow all humanitarian goods to proceed to Gaza immediately.


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