The Serval Project

Telecommunications anywhere, anytime.

Serval is the freedom for people to communicate.

Serval’s act of global service is to provide people that freedom, any where, any time, any need.

Freedom from the limits of geography, from the limits of economics, from the limits of war, unrest and disaster.

Ordinary mobile phones rely on towers, wires in the ground, and other expensive infrastructure. That infrastructure  can be damaged by disaster, war or terrorism. Local geography can also make it difficult or impossible to install, and so vast tracts of land are left without coverage, often in areas of great need.

But the  Serval Batphone project is different.  In its simplest form, Serval Batphone, as it’s name implies, just needs a phone.  There is no infrastructure to be maintained, protected which also reduces environmental impact. Any two Serval-compatible phones can automatically form a mesh network. Existing mobile phones can be used, too, with Serval’s mesh-enabled phone tower design. Importantly for times of crisis, your existing phone number will work on a Serval network.

We use the first ever port (that we can find news of) of Asterisk to Android on a mobile phone, Mesh Network software by Village Telco, SIP protocol, and our own software, DNA (‘Distributed Numbering Architecture’), which all combine to make the Batphone the exciting, revolutionary new concept that will change the way we view communications. We are not trying to be a telco, we are aiming to provide a reliable failsafe system for use in areas where standard infrastructure can’t work – whether due to emergency, disaster, geographic or socio-economic issues.

On July the 9th, the first successful remote geographic location trials of the Serval Batphone were an encouraging start to really moving the project along!

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