Wi-Fi Alliance: Wi-Fi Direct™

Wi-Fi CERTIFIED Wi-Fi Direct™: Personal, portable Wi-Fi® that goes with you anywhere, any time

Wi-Fi CERTIFIED Wi-Fi Direct™ is a certification mark for devices supporting a game-changing new technology enabling Wi-Fi devices to connect directly, making it simple and convenient to do things like print, share, synch and display. Products bearing the Wi-Fi Direct certification mark can connect to one another without joining a traditional home, office or hotspot network.

Mobile phones, cameras, printers, PCs, and gaming devices can now connect to each other directly to transfer content and share applications quickly and easily. Devices can make a one-to-one connection, or a group of several devices can connect simultaneously. Connecting Wi-Fi Direct-certified devices is easy and simple, in many cases only requiring the push of a button. Moreover, all Wi-Fi Direct connections are protected by WPA2™, the latest Wi-Fi security technology. With Wi-Fi Direct, you do not need an access point or internet connection – your personal Wi-Fi network goes with you wherever you go.

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When would I use Wi-Fi Direct?

You will use Wi-Fi Direct-certified devices for all kinds of applications – to share your content, synch your data, socialize, play games, play audio and video, and more – all the things you do with your Wi-Fi devices today, only easier and without worrying about finding an internet connection.  Wi-Fi Direct-certified devices can form connections with nearly all the Wi-Fi CERTIFIED devices you and your friends already have.  You only need one Wi-Fi Direct device to form a group.  Now, Wi-Fi isn’t just about accessing the internet – but about connecting all the Wi-Fi devices you and your friends have – anytime, anywhere – to enable your connected life.

In a recent study, consumers around the world told us they would most want to use Wi-Fi Direct for instant messaging, sharing pictures with friends and family, displaying those pictures from a portable device to a monitor or TV screen, video chatting, and playing video games with others while not at home, such as when using public transit.1

How does Wi-Fi Direct work?

Wi-Fi Direct device connections can happen anywhere, anytime – even when you don’t have access to a Wi-Fi network.  Your Wi-Fi Direct device will signal to other devices in the area that it can make a connection.  You can view available devices and ask them to connect, or you might receive an invitation to connect to another Wi-Fi Direct device.  When two or more Wi-Fi Direct-certified devices connect directly, they have formed a Wi-Fi Direct Group, using Wi-Fi Protected Setup™ and the latest Wi-Fi security. Now you can get started doing all the exciting things that Wi-Fi Direct enables!

1 Wi-Fi Alliance and Wakefield Research, Global Wi-Fi Survey, August 2010.

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