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Public Briefing on America's Climate Choices

November 30, 2011

Public Briefing on America\’s Climate Choices


Halloween Lahaina Maui Festival 10/31/2011

November 3, 2011

Halloween Lahaina Maui Festival 10/31/2011 from paul hugel on Vimeo.

Enjoy 2011 Lahaina, Maui Halloween Festival. Included are costume winners and all the live action on Front Street Lahaina from 7:00PM-11:00PM October 31, 2011

Ellen & The Green Sea Turtle Final Cut pro X and Go Pro Hero 1080 field test

August 5, 2011

Aloha From Maui Social Media Users Group "All is not Lost" Video

July 29, 2011
To watch this video close all non essential running applications because this movie  is cpu intensive
Using Google Chrome click image or link above to watch the Interactive video created for Maui Social Media Users Group


OK Go x Pilobolus – “All Is Not Lost” #notlost

Carlos Nakai to Perform with Peter Kater at Awakening Kindness Concert

May 10, 2011

  Carlos Nakai                                     



Tibetan flutist Nawang Khechog, arrived on Maui on Sunday afternoon to perform five “Awakening Kindness” concerts with me around Hawai`i, May 11th – 15th. While only yesterday we casually walked the beach, today, in a jolting and unexpected turn of events, Nawang underwent five hours of surgery to remove a large blood clot from his brain. This was probably a complication from a serious auto accident he was in a few years back in India. Currently, he is in intensive care and the outlook is cautiously optimistic. I humbly ask that you send him your prayers and healing energy.

As an expression of kindness, Native American flutist R. Carlos Nakai is flying to Maui to perform the Awakening Kindness tour with me in honor of Nawang. Carlos and I started recording and touring together some 22 years go and I introduced Nawang and Carlos a few years later. Ironically, this will be the first time in over 10 years that R. Carlos Nakai and I have performed together in concert. Please join Carlos and myself at our Maui performance with prayers and/or support of our dear brother, Nawang Khechog. – Peter Kater

R. Carlos Nakai is perhaps the world’s premier Native American artist. He serves as an effective ambassador in reaching new concert audiences, consistently drawing capacity houses. Nakai is a seven-time Grammy Award nominee. In 2005, he collaborated with Keola Beamer on the release Our Beloved Land. Listen to Carlos perform “Sentient Beings” with Nawang Khechog.

Peter Kater is a pianist/composer who has received six Grammy Award nominations. He has written music for well over 100 television and film productions and on and off-Broadway dramatic plays and is a recipient of the prestigious Environmental Leadership Award from the United Nations. Watch Peter perform “Spirit” live in concert.


Maui Earth Day Broadcast May 1, 2011

May 1, 2011

awesome day the broadcasts are over

Belly Dance

archived footage is available on ustream & livestream check out the recorded videos

Archived video for USTREAM.TV

Archived video  LIVESTREAM.COM

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Scheduled broadcast May 1, 2011  10:00AM-5:00PM Hawaii Standard Time

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Computer users and cell phone users  have separate access

To learn more about festival lineup on May 1, 2011 go to



Paul's Birthday Whale Watch Adventure invitation to attend

March 9, 2011

Join Ellen & I for a Humpback Whale Watch in Maui March 13th 

whale breach

Pamela Anderson poster for Peta urges vegetarianism, provocative style | UK news | The Guardian

October 22, 2010
Pamela Anderson in Peta campaign Actor Pamela Anderson backs Peta with a pose highlighting the anatomical reality of meat meals. Photograph: PetaIs it art? Is it meat? Is it sexist? Whatever it is, the latest advertisement from the People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals is eye-catching.

The poster girl, the former Baywatch star and committed vegetarian Pamela Anderson, insisted that her decision to wear a bikini and portray her body as collection of cuts of meat, had not been a tough one.

“I decided to do this provocative style because there is so much competition for people’s attention today, so Peta and I wanted to make sure the message couldn’t be ignored,” she said.

Anderson shrugged off the suggestion that some people might gaze at the poster for carnal gratification rather than vegetarian epiphany.

“The butcher diagram is the perfect thing to parody, because it allows you to use your own body as a protest tool,” she explained.

Anderson will launch Peta’s fresh effort to convert the UK to the benefits of vegetarianism, at an event outside the London Transport Museum, in Covent Garden, at 2pm on Sunday.

Peta, in its work for animal rights over 30 years, has drawn attention to procedures in farming, laboratories, circuses and the clothing trade, and to wildlife issues, and cruelty in general. Some of its publicity campaigns have attracted controversy. A poster featuring the face of one of those convicted of killing “Baby  P” and linking cruelty to animals to cruelty to humans, was banned by the Advertising Standards Authority.

Dan Mathews, Peta’s senior vice president, said he had high hopes for the new campaign. “As Peta’s ‘weapon of mass distraction’, Pamela has lured legions of pop culture junkies to Peta’s website and sparked interest in animal issues in a very unique way,” he said.

Avatar IMAX 3-D

December 18, 2009

Wow just saw Avatar in IMAX 3-D and it was awesome

Back in Maui

November 6, 2009

Well here we are back home in Maui after a trip to California & Florida.

Saw some awesome 3-D rides at Universal Studios (Spiderman) and (Shrek) as well as a wild rollercoaster ride which I wl post soon since I bought a DVD of the experience.

Disneyworld on Nov. 1 enjoyed Mickey’s not so scarry Halloween party as well a shooting a cool parade and experienced several rides (Haunted Mansion 3-D) Splash Mountain & Railroad in Frontierland.