NKO.ORG produce broadcasts over the Internet using iPhone 3GS cellphones, Sony HXRMC50U AVCHD camcorders & H.264 video the highest quality video codec available for both PC’s, Macintosh, and cellphone clients.

NKO.ORG is committed to promoting sustainable technologies with the goal of establishing Maui Hawaii as the environmental science and peace center of the world through educating the public with its media production and distribution on topics ranging from peace, tantra yoga, environment, health, physical therapy, ashtanga yoga and hawaiian culture and spreading aloha worldwide.

NKO.ORG is supporting both streaming media delivery and  video on demand via youtube and numerous sites, showcasing many fantastic adventures and fortunate encounters on Maui with distinguished people such as Jean-Michel Cousteau, Deepak Chopra, as well as Hawaiian naturalists and cultural specialists.  Find out why residents and visitors alike say Maui is the best (Maui NO KA OI) Point your favorite web browser to http://m.nko.org see for yourself why people in the know say, “Maui NO KA OI”.


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