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Chanukah 2012

December 15, 2012

This week Chanukah was celebrated across the globe by Jews.
Here in Maui we had two separate days lighting the Menorah.

Here are links to some of the festivities







The paulhugel Daily

December 22, 2011

David Fisher Lecture: Crowd Funding

December 16, 2011

Bailout Total: $29.616 Trillion Dollars

December 9, 2011

here is a fascinating new study coming out of the Levy Economics Institute [1] of Bard College. Its titled “$29,000,000,000,000: A Detailed Look at the Fed’s Bail-out by Funding Facility and Recipient” by James Felkerson. The study looks at the lending, guarantees, facilities and spending of the Federal Reserve.

Singularity University Webcast launching now

December 6, 2011




Which Way Next - Sebastian Thrun




The Fed Grants $7.77 Trillion in Secret Bank Loan – Now Do You Understand Occupy Wall Street?

November 30, 2011

Maui Social Media Users Group Twitterverse

July 29, 2011

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Maui Social Media Users Group Live Google+ Hangout

July 28, 2011

Google hangout


In progress now

Maui CitySourced

July 23, 2011

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CitySourced is a real time mobile civic engagement platform. CitySourced provides a free, simple, and intuitive platform empowering residents to identify civic issues (public safety, quality of life, & environmental issues, etc.) and report them to city hall for quick resolution; an opportunity for government to use technology to save time and money plus improve accountability to those they govern; and a positive, collaborative platform for real action. A picture tells a thousand words and CitySourced makes it snap. Download it today!

WebEx Videoconference: Incubators, Creative Space Use, Co-working

July 23, 2011

Hello ,

David Fisher invites you to attend this online meeting.

Topic: Incubators, Creative Space Use, Co-working

Date: Tuesday, July 26, 2011

Time: 11:30 pm, Hawaii Time (Honolulu, GMT-10:00)

Meeting Number: 574 393 716

Meeting Password: aloha


To join the online meeting (Now from mobile devices!)


1. Go to 

2. If requested, enter your name and email address.

3. If a password is required, enter the meeting password: aloha

4. Click “Join”.

To view in other time zones or languages, please click the link: 


To join the audio conference only


Call-in toll number (US/Canada): 1-408-792-6300

Access code:574 393 716


For assistance


1. Go to 

2. On the left navigation bar, click “Support”.

You can contact me at: 

To add this meeting to your calendar program (for example Microsoft Outlook), click this link: 

The playback of UCF (Universal Communications Format) rich media files requires appropriate players. To view this type of rich media files in the meeting, please check whether you have the players installed on your computer by going to

Sign up for a free trial of WebEx 


IMPORTANT NOTICE: This WebEx service includes a feature that allows audio and any documents and other materials exchanged or viewed during the session to be recorded. By joining this session, you automatically consent to such recordings. If you do not consent to the recording, discuss your concerns with the meeting host prior to the start of the recording or do not join the session. Please note that any such recordings may be subject to discovery in the event of litigation.